Shaw Tuftex Carpet Sundance

Why Buy Our Carpet?

Why Buy Carpet From Us?
We recommend customers purchase from carpet stores instead of big box stores. We know flooring - we are not at one minute selling nails and the other selling carpet. 

Why Carpet?
Carpet provides your space insulation. It helps reduce noise levels. The filament fiber will help with allergies (though our store recommends hard surface for allergies)

Carpet has changed a lot in pass decades. Yarn systems have changed colors and you can almost get a waterproof carpet by Shaw Industries. Carpet will over you comfort, sound deadener, warmth and insulation. 

What To Consider?
When choosing between carpets, consider nylon or polyester. Also, consider color and thickness.

The Carpet Installation?
The length of time to do an installation really depends on the job. For example, does the customer have old carpet that needs to be pulled up and hauled away? We can set up the disposal of carpet for a charge. Will there be have furniture that has to be moved? The installation steps will take more time if some of the rooms have to be seamed.

An expert installer is going to make sure the job looks like professional hair cut rather than someone who cut their own hair without a mirror. An expert installer will also help you make sure you keep the warranties from the manufacturer. Unprofessional work could void the warranties if the right procedure was not followed. 

For Long Lasting Carpet?
For long lasting carpet, do not walk on your carpet with shoes. Vacuuming will also help. Keep in mind carpet will not really wear out, it only ugly out over time.


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