Carpet Installation Fact Sheet


Thank you for choosing National Carpet & Rug as your flooring professionals. We have compiled this fact sheet to ensure that the installation process is a pleasant experience for each of our customers.

  • Any time frames given are an approximate. Sometimes unforeseen things happen, and installations may take longer than expected
  • Given that most carpet backing is rough, walls and baseboards may get scratched. If you plan to paint before installation, you may want to keep some for touch-ups.
  • If you notice a snag in your carpet, do not pull on it. This can cause a Berber carpet to unravel as a sweater would. Instead, simply snip it with scissors.
  • Vacuum regularly. Carpet is a beautiful and durable floor covering that requires adequate care to prolong its useful life. Regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning are necessary to preserve a carpets attractive appearance and serviceability. Professional cleaning is recommended at least every 12 months, or more frequently, depending on the amount of traffic.
  • With new carpet, shredding normally occurs for a short period of time.
  • Should we be moving furniture for you, please make sure that all fragile and/or irreplaceable items are removed from the area. Also, beds and other items that need assembling is the customer’s responsibility.
  • If your installation is during the winter season, please warm up the area close to 75 degrees so that the carpet will lay easily and stretch properly.
  • We do not shave doors. Please plan accordingly, as the carpet you selected may be thick, rendering doors unusable.
  • For future reference, keep your sales receipt on file.

Again, thank you for choosing National Carpet & Rug. Please contact us if you have any questions, or the next time you need flooring!

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